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Steve Gould - B&W Headshot.png


Steve Gould joined East Coast in 2023 and is the Head of International Business Development, where he will support the expansion of East Coasts assets under management and international investor network.  


Steve has 20 years of experience in the financial services industry in various international banking roles. Steve was most recently Head of Corporate Banking of Butterfield Group, holding senior roles within the Corporate Banking divisions. Responsibilities included treasury, credit and custody products, along with leadership of the business and client services teams.  He has multi-sector industry experience and knowledge and was a senior management contact for the Bank’s large corporate customers, professional services, and intermediary networks. Prior to Butterfield, Steveheld management positions with various large European and UK financial institutions, principally within the Corporate Banking divisions.


Steve has a Bachelor of Science, Honours Financial Services, from Manchester University and Bachelor of Law, LLB Honours from Northumbria University.


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