East Coast creates a strategic investment opportunity in the current low (and rising) rate environment. We provide investors with exposure to investment grade, corporate credit while removing the interest rate component.  This ensures investors in our funds do not sustain the capital losses typically incurred in fixed income due to rising rates. 

East Coast drives return through three main trading methodologies: 


Core Credit Portfolio, Relative Value Opportunities and Active Trading.

East Coast Fund Management Inc. was founded in September 2009 with the goal of providing excellent risk-adjusted returns with limited volatility.

Alignment of Interests

Investment Flexibility

Risk Management

Client Focus

Substantial founder and employee capital is deployed alongside our investment partners. We truly believe that we should bear the same risk as our clients, to manage money in a prudent manner.

Our mandates provide the flexibility afforded to smaller asset management firms to both take advantage of market dislocations, and act swiftly in turbulent times.

ECFMI has created robust, proprietary, trading, risk monitoring and compliance tools to analyze financial and regulatory exposure. 

Additionally, we have partnered with best-in-class service providers to ensure operational excellence across the firm.

Like any professional services firm, we are nothing without our investors - and we know it. We strive to ensure we act transparently, provide ideal liquidity, and grant sufficient control to each and every client.

Guiding Principals

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